Drag hunting follows all the style and etiquette of fox hunting, but the hounds follow a scent artificially laid.

During a hunt with the Anglesey Drag Hounds, the scent is laid on a rag and 'dragged' across the land by a hunt official. This enables hunts to take place over planned routes unlike a traditional foxhunt. The drag party leaves approximately 10 minutes before the Huntsman, hounds and the rest of the field to lay the line and depending on the meet, there may be between three and eight lines in a day. The hounds then follow the scent of the drag to the end of each line.

The Master and a hunt representative have a great deal of work to do in the days leading up to the meet. They discuss possible stock movements  with farmers and decide on the best routes, preparing and repairing jumps. Following the meet they return to check the land and thank the farmer.

Draghunting on Anglesey